Recruitment of a dedicated strategic advisory team

After more than five years of existence, the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) is delighted to see the practice of social innovation rapidly expanding into different sectors of activity and attracting the interest of a greater number and diversity of stakeholders. Clearly, there is a very real demand for social innovation from organizations (public, private, community, and non-profit) that are facing social and environmental challenges, or reevaluating—and maximizing the positive impact of—their ways of doing things.

To see social innovation recognized as a lever for impact is a source of great motivation for our team: It’s our mission to provide tools to those who wish to address the complex issues facing today’s society. But this development has also significantly increased the demand for our services. For this reason, the MIS recently recruited a team of four advisors—experts in capacity-building for territories, communities, and organizations—to support projects with social and environmental impact. With these additional team members, the MIS can respond to the growing need for strategic advisory services, and in this way, help promote the emergence of social innovation, and enrich its practices, for the socio-ecological transition.

An approach that adapts itself to the diversity of social innovation stakeholders

Whether it’s to initiate a social innovation process or to explore the co-construction of innovative solutions to complex issues, organizational leaders can rely on the MIS team, which is now even more experienced, accessible, and available—and as committed as ever to supporting initiatives with high impact potential. The consulting team will form a coherent part of MIS’s overall mission, from social R&D activities to the training and incubation centre currently under development, and will collaborate with other actors in the social-innovation support ecosystem. In particular, the team will offer coaching services in strategic planning, feasibility analysis, and service design; all focused on the implementation and support of social and environmental impact projects. This new team will be a key ally of change agents at the city, regional, and organizational levels that come to the MIS with an interest in social innovation and a desire to assess the possibility of launching an impact project.

From left to right: Camille Theron, Thomas Baracos, Raphaël Guyard and Loïc Nigen.

A continuum of services focused on social R&D, training, incubation, and support

In addition to recruiting this new coaching and consulting team, the MIS has also hired two additional team members who are specialists in social R&D projects in rural areas. These new additions represent the latest stage of the development cycle that the organization began in 2021; their objective is both to anchor and increase the potential structuring impact of the MIS’s activities in urban and rural areas, both in Quebec and throughout Canada. The new team members will strengthen the organization’s services in social R&D, training and incubation, and coaching in organizational and territorial environments. The enlarged scope of the MIS’s services will be reflected on the MIS website within the next several months.

From left to right: Rébecca Phaneuf-Thibault and Caroline Bérubé.

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