Three social innovations around children

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, discover three projects with positive social impact for the youngest members of society.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy’s mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

Through a school program based on the results of scientific research, students learn to manage their emotions and develop social and emotional skills by cultivating empathy, through interactions with babies.

The One World Futbol

Developed by the One World Play Project, the One World Futbol ball is indestructible, does not deflate and does not require a pump. Originally, this ball simply responded to the need of children living in harsh conditions where standard soccer balls don’t last long.

Over time, the project ended up highlighting the importance of play, just like food, medicine and shelter, whatever the culture or geographic location. Using a “one-on-one” model, for each ball purchased, a ball is given to young people in need (war zones, refugee camps, disaster zones, etc.). Through sport, children learn conflict resolution, gender equality and the importance of being active and healthy.

École en réseau

The mission of École en réseau (ÉER or “Networked Schools”) is to support school stakeholders in developing a capacity for collaboration between different classes, within the same school board or from elsewhere in the world, to improve students’ learning with the use of digital technology.

The project grew out of a need to rethink the village school model. Village schools, weakened by the demographic decline apparent in several regions, are often places with high staff turnover – particularly due to multiage classes – further accentuating their precarious nature. This model is based on network dynamics that offer a new way of learning. It contributes to the deployment of new school and pedagogical organization practices that are in keeping with the 21st century skills expected of students, according to UNESCO.

Three alumni of the program look back

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