Three social innovations on the theme of creativity

April 21 is also World Creativity and Innovation Day to recognize culture as a source of identity, innovation and creativity for individuals and communities, contributing to inclusive social development as well as dialogue and understanding between peoples.

To illustrate this day and demystify social innovation, here are three projects with social impact in Québec and elsewhere.

Les Pierrots de la nuit

Les Pierrots de la nuit is a project to help preserve the quality of nocturnal life in Paris, France. It is innovative in terms of its interactions between art and society, combining artistic performances in the public space with awareness among night owls and owners.

Les Pierrots de la Nuit contributes to answering the question of how to live peacefully and respectfully together through different missions:
– Sensitize and empower night revellers to respect the nocturnal environment and the living environment of local residents by offering multidisciplinary artistic programming in the most festive streets of Paris from April to October.
– Accompany the managers of nightlife businesses in the fight against noise pollution related to their activities and to the development of best practices.

– Participate in regulation policies of Paris nightlife.

– Contribute to the resolution of localized conflicts between residents and establishments.

The Fab Labs

Fab Labs are a global network of local laboratories that enable citizens to innovate, create, produce, distribute, consume, finance their projects, repair and recycle their items themselves or with other people by giving access to digital manufacturing tools.

Fab Labs Québec, which positions itself as a collective platform for work and information-sharing to develop their establishment in Québec, defines itself as “spaces for collaboration, co-creation and digital manufacturing in a context of sociability.”

By providing access to computer-driven machine tools, a knowledge base and documentation, Fab Labs help to democratize innovation and make communities more creative and resilient through the implementation of concrete projects that respond to the complexity of our societies.


VISIBLE is an art collective whose mandate is to highlight the power of citizen expression in the context of a performance-related and diversified gathering. The basis of all their projects is a process of documentary interviews, which invite individuals to express themselves and tell their stories.

VISIBLE’s works aim to initiate social transformation and stimulate solidarity. In their projects, the citizens presented by the collective are real people, experts in their reality and whose daily life has a unique political potential when told in the performance setting shaped with expertise by VISIBLE.

VISIBLE produces free, accessible and open works. Installed at the Young Project and supported by the MIS, the project consists of theatre artist Sofia Blondin and social-conceptual artist Veronica Mockler.

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