Application Form - MIS Board of Directors

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our Board of Directors!

The MIS team will add your name and application to a bank of prospective board members to meet the organization’s governance needs on an ongoing basis.

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The process for selecting candidates is as follows:

  • The governance committee will review applications and interview select candidates by videoconference.
  • Following the interviews, the governance committee will make its recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • At the AGM, which is usually held in the spring, the Board of Directors will recommend the candidates it has selected, and the members of the assembly will vote to elect new members of the MIS Board.

The Maison de l’innovation sociale believes that the cross-fertilization of varied expertise and experience can foster innovation and that innovation can emerge from all sectors of society. It therefore appreciates the contribution of people from various communities and hopes that the socio-demographic profile of the participants in the Civic Incubator will reflect the diversity of the population of the Greater Montréal area. In particular, MIS encourages people who self-identify with the following groups (without limitations) to submit their application: Indigenous; women; ethnic minorities; people living with a disability and LGBTQ2+. We also understand that some people may have multiple identities. We are committed to creating a learning space that is as welcoming, inclusive and respectful as possible for them.