Spontaneous application - MIS Board of Directors

Join a Board of Directors Committed to the Socio-ecological Transition in Montreal

In collaboration with seasoned, dedicated administrators from a wide range of backgrounds and profiles, you will put your expertise at the service of an organization that shares your values and your aspirations for collective change, while availing yourself of the opportunity to learn more about social innovation and the positive-impact projects on which MIS collaborates.

What’s more, you will help guide the organization in the development of its activities in strategic workstreams focused on social R&D, training and incubation, and support in organizational and territorial milieus—all with a view to systemic transformation on issues of the socio-ecological transition.

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Consult the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below to learn more about the role you would play as a member of the MIS Board of Directors, and the submission and selection process. Then submit your application!

If you have further questions, please contact us:

The Selection Process

The MIS team will add your name and application to a bank of prospective board members to meet the organization’s governance needs on an ongoing basis.

The process for selecting candidates is as follows:

  • The governance committee will review applications and interview select candidates by videoconference.
  • Following the interviews, the governance committee will make its recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • At the AGM, which is usually held in the spring, the Board of Directors will recommend the candidates it has selected, and the members of the assembly will vote to elect new members of the MIS Board.
Marie-Christine Ladouceur-Girard, directrice générale de la Maison de l'innovation sociale (MIS)

“It’s an immense privilege to be able to count on the diverse expertise of the deeply engaged administrators on the MIS Board of Directors. Their commitment to the MIS is crucial and precious! We rely on their input to validate our ideas and strategic orientations, all in the service of our mission and the sustainability of our activities.”

Marie-Christine Ladouceur-Girard, Executive Director

Do you have any questions? Consult the frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What qualifications are required to sit on the MIS Board?

We are looking for administrators with:

  • problem-solving skills
  • the ability to work in a group
  • a strategic perspective
  • emotional intelligence
  • excellent communication skills

2. What are the criteria for submitting an application?

There are some basic criteria to consider when submitting your application. You should:

  • be willing to get involved by mobilizing your skills and expertise for the benefit of the MIS as a team member on the Board
  • have a sufficient command of French to contribute to a group conversation and to read documents in French which are intended for board members (French writing skills are not required)
  • be able to travel to the offices of the Maison de l’innovation sociale in Montreal for face-to-face board meetings (public health regulations permitting), and to attend the majority of Board meetings throughout the year, in addition to the Annual General Meeting

3. What does this commitment mean?

  • As a member of the Board of Directors, you will accept a two-year mandate on a voluntary basis. This mandate is renewable.
  • Board members generally gather four times a year for meetings lasting between one and three hours and must also attend the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in the spring.
  • During the course of their mandate, members are invited to take a seat on one of the Board’s working committees. The number and duration of committee meetings are generally the same as those of the Board of Directors.
  • To best fulfill your role on the Board of Directors, you must be willing to set aside time to prepare for meetings and keep abreast of MIS activities.

4. How can I learn more about the MIS and its activities?

Several documents are available to familiarize you with the MIS’s activities and programs, as well as the projects on which it collaborates. In particular, we invite you to consult our latest report of activities, the “past and ongoing projects” page, and the Board of Directors page, as well as the page dedicated to the MIS team. Also, subscribe to our mailing list to receive Raccords, a digital quarterly newsletter dedicated to social innovation, as well as occasional updates from the MIS.

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