The Civic Incubator’s Winning Projects

In every year since 2018, the Civic Incubator has welcomed leaders of projects that have positive social and environmental impact. After their selection via a Call for Projects, the winning project leaders commit to take part in a free coaching program at MIS.

Discover all of the projects the Civic Incubator has supported and the agents of change who have completed the course.

Photo credit: Youssef Shoufan

Over the course of five months, and with the support of the MIS team, the members of each year’s cohort take their initiative from ideation to a first deployment phase. Project leaders participate in training sessions, hands-on workshops, mentoring, and group and individual coaching to clarify their concept, define their project’s impact strategy, field-test their idea, and prepare for project deployment.

Throughout the course, participants have the opportunity to meet with people whose expertise will assist them in developing their project. At the end of the course, the projects will proceed to the prototyping or deployment stage. Read about these initiatives across the different cohorts of the Civic Incubator!

2023 cohort

29 members
20 projects
Discover the projects
Cohorte 2022 de l'Incubateur civique de la MIS

2022 cohort

32 members
20 projects
Discover the projects

Winter 2021 cohort

16 members
10 projects
Discover the projects
Incubateur civique de la MIS : portraits des membres de la cohorte d'automne 2020

Fall 2020 cohort

15 members
9 projects
Discover the projects

2019-2020 cohort

19 members
10 projects
Discover the projects
Cohorte 2019-2020 Incubateur civique MIS
L'Incubateur civique est un programme proposé par la MIS - Maison de l'innovation sociale / Civic Incubator is a program developed by MIS

2018-2019 cohort

17 members
10 projects
Discover the projects

The call for projects is now closed.

From January 2023, the Civic Incubator programme will accompany the 20 selected innovative projects.
Are you interested in kick-starting your initiative with social and environmental impact? The Civic Incubator call for projects takes place every Fall.

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Thank you to all the financial partners of each cohort of the Civic Incubator. Your support is essential to offer this course free of charge and to break down the barriers to participation for agents of change.

Are you interested in this program? Would you like to support it or deploy it in your area? Contact us to find out more!