Tours de tables

The youth edition of Tours de tables is a series of quizzes that allow young Montrealers to express their likes, dislikes and wishes for their city.

Getting children involved

Few public consultations solicit the opinions of the youngest members of a community. Deployed by the MIS, in partnership with Atelier 10, Montréal 375 and President’s Choice, the Tours de tables project wanted to fill this gap.

After a first edition dedicated to adults in 2016, the 2017 edition of Tours de tables addressed Montrealers aged 6 to 17. The MIS visited 19 Montréal boroughs to consult a sample as diverse and representative of Montréal’s young people as possible in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. Young Montrealers spoke all summer long about their aspirations for the city, but also about the daily realities of their neighbourhood life. In total, hundreds of young people from 58 neighbourhoods participated in the discussions.

From discussions to reflections

Driven by values of diversity and inclusion, the MIS was particularly keen to launch a new edition of the Tours de tables with young people. By being attentive to children and teens – the citizens who will make the decisions of tomorrow – the MIS hopes to contribute to making the principles of social innovation familiar to the general public, and to see positive spin-offs for the community for years to come.

The youth edition of Tours de tables

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