100in1day is a creative urban festival in which residents are invited to rethink and transform their city by doing 100 or more urban actions in a single day to improve their living environment and to bring people closer together.

A form of active citizenship

If we want to get urban residents involved in the construction of their cities, citizens’ political action cannot be reduced to simply exercising the right to vote. Instead, it must take the form of real actions, based on our imaginations and our dreams.

That’s how 100in1day was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2012. This global movement invites the residents of a city to carry out 100 citizen actions simultaneously on the same day, with the goals of improving their living environment, connecting with their community and engaging positively in the transformation of the city.

A model of social transformation

This participatory event embodies the citizen’s ability to have an effect on the city and on living environments. Through ideation workshops (“idea factories”) and a festival of citizen initiatives deployed in a context that is both festive, fun and engaging, the population is encouraged to mobilize, express itself, invest in the community and act collectively so that it can take full ownership of its voice in the positive transformation of a city.

By creating connections between participants, the 100in1day movement generates collective awareness: citizens discover that they have the ability to have a positive impact on their living environment. 

100en1jour Montréal

Montréal, along with more than a dozen Canadian cities and other cities around the world, takes part each year to bring this festival to life. On June 2, 2018, hundreds of Montrealers came together, each taking action to improve their city by putting citizen collaboration at the heart of social change, as seen in this video.

Initiatives included:

  • finding ideas for creative and unusual solutions to common problems;
  • identifying ways to develop existing projects that only need to be refined or championed by other citizens;
  • breaking through isolation and connecting with other citizens.

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