Cité-ID Living Lab

Cité-ID Living Lab is a research-action laboratory on the governance of urban resilience.

Why a program on urban resilience?

It is in cities that the threat of disaster, such as extreme weather events and terrorism, is most concentrated, and where the risks associated with various stressors, such as poverty and climate change, are greatest.

Fortunately, it is also in cities that ideas are developed to overcome these risks. In recent years, initiatives to develop urban resilience have multiplied. Many municipal actors are committed to the transformative principles of resilience, and many see it as an avenue for innovation in urban governance.

The objective of the Cité-ID Living Lab

Cité-ID Living Lab is an incubator for the emergence of new intersectoral approaches based on knowledge and the development of innovative practices in urban resilience. It is led by Professor Marie-Christine Therrien of the École nationale d’administration publique (ÉNAP) and supported primarily by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec.

Its goal is to create a safe space where ideas are shared openly across disciplines and sectors, bringing together researchers and urban actors, such as public administrations, private organizations, NPOs and citizens.

What is a Living Lab?

By positioning itself as a relayer of knowledge (data, processes, best practices, theoretical popularization) that facilitates collaborations and a participative space, Cité-ID Living Lab allows various stakeholders to exchange, and to request or propose solutions.

The European Commission (2009) defines a Living Lab as “an open innovation environment in real-life settings, in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated within the co-creation process of new services, products and societal infrastructures.” 

The Cité-ID project brings together various actors in urban resilience from Canada and elsewhere in the world, including city managers, private organizations, citizens and university researchers. This approach is well-suited to the complex issues involved in the development of urban resilience.

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