Dynamo’s Social Hackathon

The Social Hackathon hosted by Dynamo is a competition of ideas and innovative projects with social impact in Montreal that focuses on the issues of inclusion for people from immigrant backgrounds and from ethno-cultural minorities. MIS joined in to support the winning ideas.

Who can take part in the Social Hackathon?

Organized by Dynamo – a community mobilization resource organization – the Social Hackathon mobilizes individuals and organizations to get involved in initiatives that address issues of representation, accessibility, and mobilization around inclusion.

This free and open innovation competition aims to imagine, design and prototype tools and services that will help make Greater Montreal an even more inclusive community for people of immigrant and ethnocultural minority backgrounds.

In short, this event creates spaces for exchange and collaboration to foster innovation. It offers a framework in which collective intelligence is used to address important social issues.

Key collaboration to support the implementation of selected projects

Dynamo’s model helps to promote and stimulate social innovation to address issues of inclusion in Montreal, an impact that aligns perfectly with the mission of the MIS. This is why the two organizations have decided to combine their complementary offers to support the development of projects beyond their ideation phase. In addition to receiving a cash prize and a grant, the winners of the Social Hackathon benefit from nearly 30 hours of individual and group coaching from the MIS.

Au terme de la première édition du Hackathon social, cinq projets ont été choisis par l’équipe de l’entrepreneuriat social de la MIS pour aider leurs porteuses et porteurs à structurer leurs initiatives

« Dynamo is proud to combine the expertise of the Maison de l’innovation sociale for the Décodons l’inclusion Social Hackathon. They are an essential partner, especially in helping the teams of the winning projects to get past what’s called the ‘valley of death’, the transition between planning and implementation. The experience and know-how of the MIS are key to the coaching sessions it offers; a significant lever for projects to go from dream to reality, so that they can thrive and have true impact. »

Chantal Grandchamp, Strategic Advisor – Partnership Development at Dynamo

The collaboration between Dynamo and MIS is aimed at capacity building for supporting actors while also contributing to the emergence of inclusive projects in order to:

  1. prevent the solutions that emerge from the Hackathon from remaining unrealized;
  2. help enrich the seed phase for social innovators in the Montreal ecosystem;
  3. and promote the implementation of a greater number of initiatives with a strong positive impact.

Projects supported by our team

At the end of this first edition of the Social Hackathon, five projects were selected to be supported by the social entrepreneurship team of the MIS to help their leaders structure their initiatives while focusing on maximizing the social impact of their projects.

To discover the winning projects of the last editions of the Social Hackathon that MIS accompanied, consult the carousel below.

Partners mobilized around the Social Hackathon

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