Access to affordable housing in the D’Autray MRC

The Comité local en développement social de D’Autray (CLDS), in the Lanaudière region of Québec, promotes exchange, consultation, and collective action focused on social development and improving living conditions in the community. Since 2019, this organization, in collaboration with a variety of actors in the territory, mobilizes around high-priority issues such as mental health, educational success, and food security. In addition, its housing committee focuses on access to affordable and quality housing.

A systemic approach to tackling the housing crisis

To support the housing committee’s work, the MIS was mandated to produce a documentary portrait, to carry out consultations and diagnostics, to identify inspiring initiatives implemented elsewhere, and to develop, with the members of the committee, an action plan linked to the work and activities of the Chantier régional en habitation.

This mandate is based on a systemic approach that highlights the deep-seated causes, beliefs, and structures of the system that have contributed to the housing crisis in the D’Autray MRC. Beyond creating a statistical portrait of the situation (including data on the housing supply, the demographics of the rental and resale market, and the supply of social and community housing), the team also organized multiple meetings with stakeholders who seek to deepen and expand the quantitative analysis of housing challenges at the territorial level.

Developing an action plan

Eventually, an action plan will be developed to propose solutions, many of them pertaining to the main obstacles to creating and maintaining an adequate supply of quality affordable housing in the D’Autray MRC. Launched in the fall of 2022, the mandate will continue into 2023.

“We are delighted to be working with the Maison de l’innovation sociale to help us explore the complexity of housing challenges in our territory and to assist us in developing an action plan that makes room for innovation. Our collaboration solicits the active participation of multiple stakeholders and allows us to move forward collectively towards sustainable solutions for increasing affordable housing for the benefit of our community.”

Daphné Kelly, Mobilization Agent D’Autray MRC

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