An integrated social development plan for five MRCs of the Montérégie-Ouest

Concertation Horizon is an integrated regional consultation body that supports social development and educational success in the territory of five MRCs in the Montérégie Ouest region of Québec. Its mission is to increase the capacity for collective action in the improvement of living conditions in its territory.

An integrated social development strategy

Within the framework of a collective process to elaborate an integrated social development plan, five sectoral communities of practice were established on the ground, with the objective of developing concrete project proposals that respond to needs and problems in their territories. To consolidate the vision of this initiative and plan its implementation on a solid foundation, Concertation Horizon mandated the MIS team to develop an integrated social development strategy on a regional scale.

More precisely, the objective of this mandate was to support Concertation Horizon:

  1. in the co-conception of an innovative financing model to support the activities of the consultation body over a five-year period;
  2. to equip stakeholders to reduce the barriers to the full realization of the territory’s potential for social development;
  3. to rally actors in the field around the same vision of social development in their territories, while promoting collaborative work.

A hybrid approach for co-construction and decision support

One of the strategy’s innovative elements is the proposed funding structure for projects emerging from the five sectoral communities of practice. Rather than opting for a project- by-project, partner-by-partner, MRC-by-MRC funding strategy, projects will be carried out within a single, consolidated, long-term, region-wide structure. This funding model includes a framework for the various partners to consult on how funds will be allocated.

This integrated social development strategy allowed Concertation Horizon to outline a path for the implementation of the project, including the sharing of roles and responsibilities for each of the organizations involved. Moreover, the MIS approach was based on a hybrid approach for co-construction and decision support, a winning condition in itself for the buy-in of stakeholders.

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