Our approach

Agents of positive change driven by the values of diversity, inclusion and environmental reconciliation, the MIS team embraces the various currents of social innovation.

The MIS approach is mainly inspired by service design, social design and innovation laboratories where the user occupies a central place in the process. Its support is conducted through three types of interventions:

  1. Through the deployment of initiatives to generate social innovation (initiatives to get feedback from citizens and conduct user research, co-creation and ideation workshops, experimentation and prototyping, innovation challenges, design jams, hackathons, living laboratories, organizational transformation labs, animation of learning circles, etc.);
  2. Through direct support and development of new capacities in civil society organizations and for agents of change (resilient leadership training, coaching, capacity building, impact strategy, lightweight prototyping, linkages with other initiatives);
  3. Through referrals, by guiding innovators toward the right resources (match-making, hybrid value chain with the private sector).

In addition, the MIS has operating principles that guide all of its activities:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Unusual collaborations
  • Humility in the face of the skills of the ecosystem
  • Subsidiarity
  • Complementarity

Above all, our approach is focused on user participation in the social innovation process. Whether they are idea people, creators, experts, permanent or ad hoc partners, or citizens, everyone is invited to play a role in the activities of the MIS. This openness to participation and the ideas of all guides us in all our endeavours.

Les expertises de la MIS

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