About us

At the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS), we believe that all members of society have the power and the ability to imagine solutions to the major social and environmental challenges of today’s world.

We also know that the systemic scope of these issues is complex and slows down the passage of the threshold between ideation and the implementation of an initiative with great potential for positive impact. The idea that projects with the capacity to improve society may fail before they even get off the ground inspires us to take action. That’s why we draw on our expertise in social innovation to help you navigate this complexity and support you in designing approaches that can accelerate the socio-ecological transition.

Our mission

Eliminate the obstacles between an idea with a positive social and environmental impact and its implementation.

Social innovation is field of practice that tackles complex socio-environmental issues in an integrated way and takes full advantage of communities’ full potential, makes better use of their assets and resources, while at the same time strengthening their capacity to take action to promote their emancipation.

We believe in the relevance of social innovation to accelerate the socio-ecological transition. That’s why we are determined to:

  1. validate, democratize, and contribute to the development of the practice of social innovation to support positive social and systemic transformation;
  2. reduce the barriers that stand between an idea with high potential for social and environmental impact and its implementation;
  3. support impact projects in their ideation and seed phase; and
  4. contribute to the emergence of a greater number and diversity of social innovations.

Social innovation to redefine how we live together

In elevating both the scale and impact of the practice of social innovation, we focus on three spheres of activity, led by its experienced and committed team.

L'accompagnement stratégique : un champ d'intervention pour soutenir l’innovation par et pour les communautés

Strategic advisory:
helping you make the smart decision

L'incubateur civique : un programme du parcours d'incubation de la MIS

Incubation program:
supporting and strengthening your capacity

La R&D sociale : un pilier de la transition socio-écologique

Social R&D:
reducing your roadblocks to innovation

An overview of La Maison de l’innovation sociale

Founded in 2017, the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) is now a driving and decisive force, in both urban and rural areas, in the emergence of initiatives—joint ventures involving citizen collectives, public and governmental organizations, universities, and the entrepreneurial community—with high potential for social and environmental impact.

As a non-profit organization, it takes part in (and often leads) a variety of social R&D projects, offering training, incubation, and support for impact projects in both the start-up and pre start-up phases. This support, beginning well in advance of a project’s deployment, is part of a holistic approach that reduces risk, maximizes impact, and favours networking and collaboration with the full spectrum of social-change agents.