Civic Incubator

A program that aims to prototype and develop ideas for projects with social and environmental impact, imagined by agents of change.

The call for projects is now closed.

The 20 selected innovative projects with social and environmental impact are announced.


A program for engaged citizens and collectives, social entrepreneurs motivated by the idea of having a positive socio-environmental impact

Why a Civic Incubator?

Hugo Steben — Director of Capacity Building & Incubation — and Sarah Abarro — Incubation Programs Coordinator — explain to us how the Civic Incubator is a unique support program for anyone wishing to kickstart their social entrepreneurship project or social and environmental initiative.

The Civic Incubator Program

Practical learning and mentoring focused on projects will help participants develop their capacity to implement innovative projects that have great potential for positive socio-environmental impact. For more, read this interview with Hugo and Sarah, two Civic Incubator coaches.

Civic Incubator program

More specifically, at the end of the module entitled :


Understand”, participants will be able to analyse the various facets of the targeted problem, with an emphasis on data from field research. As a participant in this module, you will:

  • conduct field research to analyse your problem or issue based on real data;
  • deepen your understanding of assets and issues, their causes and effects, stakeholder dynamics, influential trends, etc.;
  • identify the best opportunities for intervention to solve the targeted problem; and
  • deepen your understanding of your target users and quickly identify those most likely to support you so you can prioritize them during the deployment of your project.


Design”, participants will be able to define a successful impact strategy and design an innovative project with a positive socio-environmental impact. You will use data from field research and the principles of service design, among other things. During this module, you will:

  • define a vision of the desired impact of your project;
  • define one or more strategies to achieve the desired impact;
  • map out the user journey of your project to better understand barriers to adoption and opportunities for improvement; and
  • take a critical look at the challenges, including blind spots, that could reduce your project’s chances of success.


Deploy”, participants will be able to outline a successful project-deployment strategy. During the course of this module, you will learn how to:

  • outline the main phases of your project’s deployment;
  • identify the most appropriate legal structure (non-profit organization, cooperative, Inc., etc.) through which to deploy your project;
  • mobilize an ecosystem of partners to support your project (public, private, philanthropic, citizen…);
  • define a financial strategy to ensure both the deployment of your project and its sustainability; and
  • communicate your project effectively.


Strengthen”, participants will be able to mobilize your full potential as a change agent in the implementation of your project. The module will assist you in your efforts to:

  • gain a better understanding of yourself as an agent of change;
  • identify internal blockages and discover strategies to overcome them;
  • develop confidence in your ability to lead transformative actions for our living environments; and
  • increase your resilience in dealing with the obstacles you will encounter during the deployment of your project

Integration of the Civic Incubator

Selected in the framework of a call for projects, the winning proposals benefit from a free accompaniment program to help them evolve from an early stage of development to a level of maturity that will allow them to move to the deployment and financing stages.

This program, valued at $15,000, includes a commitment of approximately seven hours per week over almost five months, including hours dedicated to work and to participation in workshops. These workshops will include developing a mindset conducive to social innovation, understanding the context of the project’s implementation, as well as the design and deployment of the project having a positive social and environmental impact. The program also fosters the linkage of projects that emerge from the Civic Incubator with the resources most likely to support their full deployment.

What to expect from the Civic Incubator?

In every year since 2018, the Civic Incubator has welcomed leaders of projects that have positive social and environmental impact. Over the course of five months, and with the support of the MIS team, the members of each year’s cohort take their initiative from ideation to a first deployment phase. Project leaders participate in training sessions, hands-on workshops, mentoring, and group and individual coaching to clarify their concept, define their project’s impact strategy, field-test their idea, and prepare for project deployment.

See what the Civic Incubator experience looks like and be inspired by the dozens of incubated projects!

Last news of the Civic Incubator

Partners of the Civic Incubator program

MIS would like to thank the Fondation Béati and the Ville de Montréal for their financial support of the 2024 Civic Incubator program, as well as MIS’s financial partners, the McConnell Foundation and the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation.