Social R&D

Our social research and development (R&D) programme aims to remove the transversal obstacles facing social innovators in the socio-ecological transition.

By conducting collaborative experiments with multiple stakeholders—from the public, private, academic, community, and philanthropic sectors—the MIS is working to open up possibilities and generate knowledge in order to renew models and systems for living together sustainably.

Through our social R&D activities, we aim to:

  1. solve one or more challenges to reduce the barriers to innovation;
  2. meet a social or societal need;
  3. provide a solution or transform frameworks and institutions by fostering the emergence of social innovations.

Together with our stakeholders, we develop and share services, products, methods and tools, public policies, organizational modes or economic models on transversal themes, activating systemic transformation.

Our social R&D activities fuel our services, which provide capacity-building through strategic support and incubation programs. Are you undertaking a project with a social and environmental impact?

Why does “Social” R&D matter?

Faced with the complexity of today’s socio-environmental challenges, we must think outside the box and reconsider dysfunctional approaches. Innovation requires that we allow ourselves time and space to experiment—to navigate the unknown.

R&D is both encouraged and widely practiced in fields that value pure science, technology, and industrial and commercial profitability. But public, institutional, civic, and private-sector decision-makers often overlook and even dismiss R&D as a way to address the social and environmental challenges they face.

However, social R&D is an ideal lever for social transformation. An organizational culture that makes room for social R&D encourages social innovation to emerge. It encourages organizations and institutions to create spaces for experimentation, the generation of knowledge and new solutions, all within a perspective of sound risk management.

Our Social R&D projects