Strategic advisory

Focused on implementing and supporting high-impact projects, MIS’s team of strategic-coaching experts conducts training in capacity building for territories, communities, and organizations.

Our strategic-coaching service responds to stakeholders’ ever-growing emphasis on social innovation by providing coaching in strategic- innovation thinking and planning, systems mapping, feasibility analysis, and service design—always with a focus on implementing and supporting high-impact projects.

Strategic support of innovation by and for communities

The Strategic Advisory Department is the ideal partner for helping managers of institutions, organizations, and regional communities deal with complex issues and integrate social and environmental impact into their innovation endeavours.

To meet the demands of an increasingly diversified range of client organizations, the team draws on its proven expertise in strategic advisory:

  1. transdisciplinary expertise in social innovation to address the complexity of systemic challenges; to facilitate participatory ideation processes; and to experiment;
  2. mandates and deliverables focused on impact modeling, strategic reflection and co-construction, and the development of evaluation frameworks and systemic and organizational diagnostics;
  3. methods and tools for gathering information, such as action research or analysis of territorial ecosystems; systems thinking, as well as human-centred and territory-centred design; co-creation mechanisms; and innovation laboratories;
  4. support at the intersection of consulting, coaching and training, based on project management.

The strategic advisory team is a key ally in any decision-making process. Its services are part of a continuum based on Social R&D, capacity building, training and incubation. Are you undertaking an initiative with a social and environmental impact?

Take a closer look at some of our strategic advisory mandates