Activity reports

Consult the activity reports to learn more about the MIS, this organization in Québec that aims to democratize social innovation in order to respond in a sustainable, integrated and systemic way to the socio-economic and environmental issues of today’s society. Reading these reports is an opportunity to grasp the full scope of its mission and ambitions, and to discover a multitude of social innovation projects as well as the many players in this ecosystem with which it collaborates on a daily basis to make our society a better one!

2022 Activity Report

“MIS is focused on supporting innovative, game-changing initiatives that have the capacity to accelerate the transition. MIS’s deployment model fills an important and relevant gap by collectively activating the changes that are needed to address the complex challenges of our time. “

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2021 Activity Report

“The solidarity and responsiveness of communities during the COVID-19 pandemic has made us take the full measure of our collective resilience. It has also made us aware of the potential of social innovation to transform, with agility and intelligence, our way of living together…”

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2020 Activity Report

“The 2020 pandemic will undoubtedly have had an impact on the entire community. Yet, despite the significant impact of the critical measures taken by authorities to stem the ravages of COVID-19, the extent of the social capital and resilience that has emerged in all spheres of society reminds us of the importance of building on our capacity to innovate…”

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Title page of the 2019 Activity report of the Maison de l'innovation sociale

2019 Activity Report

“The MIS has already completed its second annual activity report. While 2017 and 2018 were devoted primarily to establishing its structure and partnerships, recruiting a committed multidisciplinary team and launching its first activities, 2019 has seen the full implementation of its operations and programs, all on solid foundations.”

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Le Rapport d'activités 2017-2018 (in French only)

« Dans la dernière année, la Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) a su établir ses fondations et déployer ses premières initiatives en s’inscrivant comme un joueur fédérateur de l’écosystème de l’innovation sociale. Ça prenait de l’audace pour rassembler ces forces vives sous une même mission, celle d’éliminer les obstacles qui se dressent entre l’idée et l’impact. »

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