What is Raccords?

Raccords is a free digital newsletter sent to your inbox every two months. Produced in partnership with Atelier 10, publisher of the Québec magazine Nouveau projet, it offers inspiring, researched and documented content on various issues surrounding social innovation. Each edition presents four sections on the same theme and invites authors and personalities from all walks of life to share their points of view and expertise.

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Why Raccords? Beyond the nod to the french cinematographic term (which refers to the absence of editing glitches between scenes and ensures continuity), the title evokes our desire to fill the gaps that separate good ideas from their deployment opportunities, actors of change to the ecosystem players, and new approaches to those already tried and tested. Raccords (which could also be translated as Connections or Links) also refers to the MIS’s desire to contribute to the rooting of a true culture of collaboration and social innovation to better address the major challenges of the 21st century.

Raccords is a new form of digital literature that allows us to broaden the scope of our collective knowledge in social innovation. By deepening our understanding of this approach, we hope to contribute to redefining a better way of living together.


#05, May 2019

What can community resilience tell us about our capacity for systemic transformation?

The emergency response required by the COVID-19 pandemic led a number of states to intervene on a variety of levels in the lives of their citizens. This was in the name of public health, and for the most part, communities were quick to accept that they would have to set aside certain interests for the well-being of their more vulnerable members. Despite these efforts, the emergence of support networks, the dedication of volunteers and contributions from the army, this invisible enemy still managed to work its way into already-wide gaps in our systems and institutions. Going forward, we need to draw upon what we’ve learned from this collective experience—the good and the bad—in order to establish priorities for the coming years. The fifth issue of Raccords explores the shape of resilience and social capital within the bigger picture of the socio-ecological transition. (Photo credit : Éric Demers)

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