#10, December 2021


Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions to complex problems

When you subscribe to the systems approach, you must accept that the only constant is change.

That’s one reason why Annika Voltan believes that one doesn’t become a “specialist” in systems change per se. As Executive Director of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia and holder of a doctorate in social entrepreneurship, Annika has worked for many years on collective solutions to social challenges, engaging a wide range of stakeholders in collaborative actions for change. She is too humble to describe herself as a systems-approach specialist, but she nonetheless remains a leading figure in the field. Her rich and varied background has led her to focus on a key element of the systems approach: partnerships. In her view, system change is not possible without pre-existing relationships and trust. She presents her perspective with some compelling examples.

In the spirit of building relationships, Annika begins with a few remarks in French before continuing in her native English. This edition of the Raccords podcast thus builds a bridge between the Francophones and Anglophones. The content inspires the form!

Image: courtesy of Annika Voltan

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