#13, February 2023


Solving today’s wicked problems with intergenerational power

We are living in an age-segregated society. From infancy to old age, our systems evolve in silos, grouping generations together, designing and modelling environments and public services according to the needs and issues of each age group. While these groupings have clear benefits, they also have unintended outward ripples. The new social norm that divides and compartmentalizes our living spaces, outlooks and modes of operation is also at odds with the systemic approach to solving the complex socio-environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Marc Freedman, founder and co-CEO of CoGenerate, is the guest of the Raccords podcast

Marc Freedman, invité du balado de Raccords #13, innovation sociale - podcast social innovation Cogenerate

Photo credit: Youssef Shoufan

In this episode of the Raccords podcast, we talk to Marc Freedman, author, leader and international expert on the new longevity.

Our guest explains the transformative potential of a co-existence model based on bringing generations together, and some ways it can be achieved.

Mr. Freedman is the founder and co-CEO of CoGenerate, a California-based organization that supports social innovations focused on co-generational action for social impact. Named Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the World Economic Forum, he is one of the leaders of a growing movement to harness the talent of 40-somethings to solve complex social issues.

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