#13, February 2023


Two generations shape the world together

Raccords recently invited Thaïla Khampo, a Quebec illustrator of Cambodian descent, as artist-In-residence. We gave him carte blanche to explore and transform into visual creations the issues addressed in our digital quarterly on social innovation.

"Les rencontres", a work by Thaïla Khampo

For Raccords, Thaïla created “Les rencontres”, a work simply titled and in keeping with the theme of Issue 13.

The illustration explores the connections forged between generations through the depiction of its creator’s artistic vocation. Two people, one young and one old are seated at opposite ends of a table. Their worldviews intersect and combine to form a cohesive whole where synergy trumps symmetry and co-creation is the focal point. Each generation expresses itself and designs its own world, counting on moving forward together and contributing its talents. While retaining their own identities, golden age and youth come together, creating a social capital of potential and creativity.

Les rencontres, une oeuvre de Thaïla Kham Po - réalisée pour l'édition #13 de Raccords, la publication numérique sur l'innovation sociale, qui porte sur l'espace-temps de l'intergénérationnel

“Les rencontres” embodies the promise of a better world emerging from the cross-generational comingling of resources and viewpoints.

Thank you, Thaïla! Website / Instagram

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