#15, December 2023


Pooling knowledge for innovation in the public sector

Creativity is one of the pillars of innovation. On the one hand, it is part of the thinking that generates good ideas; on the other, it precedes the practical implementation of any innovation approach reliant on proven methodologies. To illustrate the levers discussed in this edition, Raccords gave carte blanche to Roselyne Clément, graphic facilitator and “visual voice” of the socio-ecological transition. She explains her own approach to visually translating some of the concepts discussed in Issue #15 of Raccords:

“I like to work according to the funnel principle, which allows me to listen, observe, and document information around the central theme in question before I prune and make choices. Based on the podcast and the Q&A, as well as an exchange with the Raccords team, I focused on the intersection of different types of ‘knowledge’ as the guiding idea for an editorial illustration on the theme of levers fostering social innovation with and in cities.”

Raccords 15: Pooling knowledge for innovation in the public sector, a graphic facilitation by Roselyne Clément

Understanding a complex system through graphic facilitation

To begin her work, Roselyne first thought about the visual semantics specific to levers—tipping points, mechanics, conduits, pipes, and faucets. This led her to a consideration of the city, the plans and specifications of a technical building, topography, cartography… and an old map of the Paris metro from the turn of the century! This intersection of metro lines, which is also found in the great metropolis of Montreal, became for her a visual metaphor for the underground infrastructure specific to each city, and by extension, for the complex, deliberate systems that govern how we live together.

Seeing a problem from all angles; going to its source; stepping back to reveal the system in which it manifests itself; and highlighting interconnections to use our collective intelligence and diversity of knowledge to tackle the problem more effectively: All of these elements have inspired this artist of visual conceptualization, who in turn inspires us!

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