#03, November 2019

The list

Five examples of regenerative projects

  1. Dr Ray Cole: Rethinking Our Built Environment
    Keynotes from the former Director of the Interactive Research Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of British Columbia on the necessary shift from green architecture to regenerative development.
  2. Projet Bleue Montréal
    WWF Canada proposes to reconnect Montrealers with the history of their environment by digging up old landfilled waterways, an initiative which supports both quality of life and climate resilience.
  3. Daniel Christian Wahl: Designing Regenerative Cultures
    In this podcast, a biomimetic and transformative innovation specialist discusses his holistic approach to regenerative development and the challenges of implementing it at the community scale.
  4. Lush Spring Prize
    Locate projects around the world which have been awarded by an ethical consumer cosmetics brand for their environmental and social regeneration work, and search a global map of regenerative development.
  5. All about the land: drought shakes farming to its indigenous roots
    In Australia, farmers are turning to traditional First Nations farming practices to adapt to the growing drought; a return to a holistic approach from before colonial times.

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