#04, March 2020


Five resources to spur mobilization

  1. Blueprints for Change
    Founded by a group of mobilization strategists and driven by its users, this open-source, collaborative, and free digital library provides a great many innovative mobilization strategies to optimize your own campaigns.
  2. Apathy is Boring: Together We Rise 2020
    In its latest report, the Canadian non-profit organization came to the conclusion that youth activism hasn’t weakened, it only takes different paths, outside traditional political institutions.
  3. Mobilisation Lab: Measuring People Power in 2020+
    How do you measure the value of the time, expertise, and leadership of those who mobilize for social transformation? This report, in which Équiterre took part, is the result of a survey of more than 500 participants from all over the world.
  4. The Campaign Accelerator
    The first incubator of its kind in the country, this French organization offers a coaching service for leaders of projects with a social impact who wish to revamp their mobilizing communication strategies. Now that’s an inspiring example!
  5. Socialter
    Since launching in 2013, this French bimonthly focused on “transitions” has been looking at innovations, models, and ideas likely to contribute positively to societal transformation.

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