#05, May 2020


Five Links to Learn More About Resilient Communities

  1. À2mètres : Community Chronicles from Montréal North
    Spearheaded by the organization for social inclusion Parole d’excluEs, this blog was launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to give residents of Montréal North, an area that suffers all too often from bad press, an opportunity to speak and be heard.
  2. Relationships matter: The application of social capital to disaster resilience
    Daniel Aldrich, our guest interviewee for this issue, invites us to discover this concrete example from the Red Cross that highlights how understanding the relationship between social capital and resilience can inform public and organizational policies.
  3. Measuring Social Capital
    This guide is based on action-research projects conducted by Cité-ID Living Lab in collaboration with the city of Montréal and a number of other partners. It provides organizations with a method for measuring the social capital sought and generated by their activities, from questionnaire design right through to the analysis and dissemination of results.
  4. Social Cohesion: A Practical Guide
    Designed and published by the international network of 100 Resilient Cities, this handbook is a how-to guide for measuring social cohesion. Whether it’s for decision-making, community engagement or urban development purposes, it provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to evaluate the strength and quality of the ties that build social capital in communities.
  5. Roadmap for Québec’s Transition to Carbon Neutrality
    Created by the Front commun pour la transition énergétique as part of its Zero Net Emissions Québec project (Québec ZéN), the first chapter of this roadmap is entirely devoted to resilience as a way for communities to “reclaim [their] living environments and the means to protect the ecosystems on which [they] depend” to bring about meaningful change.

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