#5, May 2020


Montréal North Tells Us About Its Resilience

Lockdown measures implemented to control the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated food insecurity issues in Montréal North, where the situation was already precarious. Neighbourhood residents rose to the occasion, creating informal distribution networks to support their community, and in so doing provided a good example of how social capital helps build new systems.

Maintaining the momentum of solidarity

We met with residents of Montréal North, accompanied by the organization for social inclusion, Parole d’excluEs.

Montréal North, this community that shows so much solidarity, that was all about helping each other (…), what it really needs is a kind of collective investment. Thing is, if we were the epicentre of the pandemic [in Montréal], we have to recognize that we can also be the epicentre of change. » − Bochra Manaï, executive director of Parole d’excluEs.

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