#06, September 2020


Five initiatives that redefine inclusion and bring about change

  1. Edmonton Shift Lab: working at the intersection of racism and poverty
    This social innovation lab develops tools to unpack prejudices and change attitudes about marginalized communities, particularly Indigenous peoples. Among their interesting prototypes for organizations is an app that trains team members on issues related to racism and suggests ways to change their behaviour.
  2. Test your unconscious bias with Project Implicit
    What prejudices influence our decisions and reactions? These tests, designed by dozens of researchers working together with Harvard University, successfully expose the biases that dictate our individual attitudes toward certain social groups to help us realign our practices and policies with our conscious values.
  3. Brutal integration: personal accounts in Briser le code
    Social entrepreneur Fabrice Vil collected the stories of racialized people who faced pressure to change who they are—starting with their accents—in the hope of being accepted by the majority. This documentary (“breaking the code” in English) addresses the violence of identity integration with insight and sensitivity.
  4. Racial Equity Tools: a network of accessible and wide-ranging resources
    This toolkit acts as a one-stop helpdesk for organizations on the road to equity. Based in the United States, the team brings together statistics, science, and field resources useful at every stage of the transformation process and enables various institutions to weave a network of mutual support. Its glossary of concepts related to racism and discrimination is clear and helpful.
  5. Healing community with The Winnipeg Boldness Project
    Rooted in the disadvantaged Point Douglas neighbourhood, this social innovation lab co-creates solutions with local community members to support the health and development of children in this predominantly Indigenous area. Over the years, several prototypes have been developed, including a culturally safe pre- and post-natal support service with Indigenous doulas.

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