#07, February 2021


How can we build bridges between Indigenous and scientific knowledge?

In this first episode of the Raccords podcast, we consider the challenges of combining Indigenous and scientific knowledge in order to accelerate social and ecological solutions to climate change. We discuss Indigenous knowledge as a living organism, environmental justice, and models of governance, self-determination in particular.

Recorded remotely in English on January 29, 2021, this episode features Deborah McGregor, Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at York University, and Jayce Chiblow, Coordinator of the Indigenous Environmental Justice Project and Community Engagement Lead for Indigenous Climate Action.

The two women are Anishinaabe, from different Nations in Ontario, and both have developed expertise in Indigenous knowledge systems. By sharing with us the distinctive, living character of their knowledge, they remind us that any collective climate action in Canada necessarily raises issues of Indigenous environmental justice. In particular, issues of governance involve making way for new models of environmental research and management. A thirty-minute podcast that highlights Indigenous leadership in the social and ecological transition.

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