#08, June 2021


A neurodiverse person’s quest for an environment that will allow her to blossom

In this episode of the Raccords podcast,—presented exclusively in French this time around—, we look at the notion of neurodiversity from the perspective of a neuroatypical person acting to accelerate change. She invites us to make room for neurodiversity.

Émilie Vion, who was the winner of the Winter 2021 cohort of the Maison de l’innovation sociale’s Civic Incubator for her Neuroinclusive Chamber of Commerce project, and who is currently Director of Partnerships and Customer Success at Le Printemps numérique (an organization that democratizes and fosters digital transformation), describes her journey and answers our questions.

What is neurodiversity? Why should we take it into account? How can we make room for it? Will it require a change in the culture? What are the keys to supporting neurodiversity? What has been the impact of telework during the COVID-19 pandemic on neurodiverse people?

These are some of the questions we discuss with Émilie in this informal 25-minute conversation.

Emilie Vion, invitée du balado Raccords portant sur la neurodiversité

Image: courtesy of Émilie Vion

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