#09, September 2021


Top picks of our guests, Annie and Samantha

Our guests, Annie Neimand and Samantha Wright, share a list of recommendations that will allow us to explore storytelling even more deeply as a lever for social and environmental change:

  1. The book Prisms of the People
    What elements make collective action a success or a failure? Annie Neimand recommends the landmark book Prisms of the People, in which researchers Hahrie Han, Elizabeth McKenna, and Michelle Oyakawa ask precisely that question. They offer a way forward: Movements achieve victory when they transform participation into political power. A book that brings theory to life through case studies—and a must-read for all change agents.
  2. The television series I May Destroy You
    Annie Neimand was profoundly affected by I May Destroy You, the television series by British producer and writer Michaela Coel. The series tells an acutely personal story with style, humor, and powerful emotion, and demonstrates every effective strategy we know in the science of storytelling.
  3. The case study about the film Chasing Coral‘s campaign
    Samantha Wright recommends watching Exposure Lab’s powerful and inspiring film Chasing Coral, then reading this case study on the impact campaign built around the work. Together they remind us of how much we can and must do to address the climate emergency.
  4. The podcast “The Snowball Effect”
    Why do some social movements take off, while others fizzle out? “The Snowball Effect”, an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast, presents a conversation with Damon Centola, a sociologist whose work has shaped Samantha Wright’s thinking on narrative change and mobilisation campaigns.
  5. The Doc Society’s tool kit
    Has Raccords’s conversation with Samantha Wright inspired you to start your own impact film campaign? She recommends this tool kit produced by the Doc Society that can assist filmmakers, strategists, and organisers dedicated to driving change.

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