#09, September 2021


Can storytelling inspire us to engage in change?

In communications, the message in and of itself guarantees nothing about its reception, let alone its impact.

Reaching your target audience is a complex goal, one that doesn’t intimidate Samantha Wright, Senior Vice President at Participant Media, a social-impact film-production company that has produced such films as Roma, RBG, and An Inconvenient Truth.

Expert in and passionate about the art of storytelling, Samantha seeks out narratives with social and environmental themes and promotes them to audiences from all walks of life, and beyond movie theatres. We spoke with her for this episode of Raccords, exclusively in English this time.

Samantha says with conviction that “it all starts with a good story”. This producer and lover of storytelling sheds light on how to really mobilize people to act and bring about change.

How do we reach the most sceptical audiences? What elements make the story as effective as it can be? What kinds of alliances can we forge, and with whom? How do we build effective calls to action?

Samantha generously answers these questions and shares her experiences and tools with us.

Raccords #09 - Le storytelling peut-il être un levier stratégique pour le changement social et environnemental ?

Image: courtesy of Samantha Wright

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