#04, March 2020

How can people-powered campaigns accelerate social transformation?

How can people-powered campaigns accelerate social transformation? - Raccords#04 - Maison de l'innovation sociale

Never before have our demands been echoed so quickly on such a large scale around the world. The technological means to which we now have access, to feed an engagement that is often born outside established institutions, is built on connections and results in mobilization, on our networks, in our schools, in the street. But is campaigning the best way to attract attention to complex issues—like the wage gap, racial profiling, or climate change—and call for their resolution? It goes without saying that communication strategies play a decisive role in the success of the social innovation and systemic transformation process. Raccords looks at the issues surrounding the grassroots campaign as a strategy aiming to quickly and deeply upset the state of affairs; to break from the infamous status quo. And it really is a question of breaking: the kind that leads to renewal.  (Photo credit: Emmanuel Crombez)

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