#12, September 2022

Raccords 12 : Taking Action: How to Transform the Reality of Migrants?

Taking Action: How to Transform the Reality of Migrants?

Did you know that there are more than 100 million displaced persons or refugees around the world today, fleeing armed conflicts, famine, and the impacts of climate change? A dramatic increase, and likely to worsen, predicts the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees. Have we adapted our structures to respond accordingly? Which approaches should be considered to develop our capacity to innovate and that of the people forced to follow unpredictable migratory paths? We must address the root causes of this crisis, of course, and focus on the ways host communities can adapt with solidarity cohesively and intelligently.

While a system’s flaws often have devastating impacts on human lives, they are rarely intentional in inclusive political regimes. Yet it is only from within the system itself that we can identify those harmful aspects. We are aware, too, that how we see others, our intrinsic behaviours and biases, arise from the complex structures that govern the rules of social harmony. For the 12th edition of Raccords, we talk to organizations that are examining and rethinking the support mechanisms for refugees and migrants with precarious status.

How do our public policies align with the social harmony on which we pride ourselves? What paradigm shift might change the game for human destinies shaped by a migratory imperative? What aspects of the migrant experience – people who have lost their bearings in a new, alien environment – might inform and transform our capacity to take action? All are aspects to be considered, thanks to the generosity of our collaborators.


Putting immigrants at the heart of the transformation of immigration systems

What if migratory movements were not the permanent crisis of our time, but instead an opportunity to build communities that are more inclusive, resilient, and supportive? What would immigration policies look like if they were designed to value and nurture the capacities of immigrants and refugees? Raccords recently had the opportunity to speak with Laura Batalla Adam and Marianny Pacheco representing Hello Europe and Hola América.

Raccords 12 : Placer les personnes migrantes au cœur de la transformation des systèmes migratoires - Une discussion avec Hello Europe et Hola América


Balado Raccords 12 : Quand les contradictions d'un système appellent au plaidoyer

When the contradictions of a system call for advocacy

It’s not easy to navigate the complexity of a system for social harmony. The expected social impact and the actual one are often contradictory. This is what Doctors of the World Canada has found. In this episode of the Raccords podcast, we talk with Nadja Pollaert, its executive director who describes how her team is mobilizing to provide access to healthcare for vulnerable populations.


Bridging the Gaps In a Host Country's System

Raccords 12 : Un pont pour surmonter les failles d’une terre d’accueil

A world that breaks down and rebuilds itself, borders that open and close, policies that change according to whoever is in power, the ongoing stress of trying to make ends meet with inadequate funds, social isolation: these are the core elements of daily life for people seeking asylum in Canada and key issues for their first ally in a new land, Welcome Collective. Raccords met Dina Souleiman, the executive director of this NPO.


Top picks from Raccords and our guests

Guests of this 12th issue of Raccords – Laura Batalla Adam, Marianny Pacheco, Nadja Pollaert and Dina Souleiman – share their preferred resources to help us deepen our understanding of the migrant reality.

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