Les services de la MIS pour les organismes de développement local / Services for Local development organizations

Local development organizations

You represent a local development organization and you wish to:

  • Strengthen your ability to innovate;
  • Consolidate and optimize your overall service offering to better meet the emerging needs of your community;
  • Co-create and experiment with new solutions.

We offer:

  1. Our Social Innovators in Residence

    Embedded within your organization, our team of innovators accompanies you in setting up a social innovation unit.

  2. The Future Cities program

    A program that hosts MIS urban social R&D activities according to four pillars of experimentation: Inclusive urban governance, financial innovation in support of social impact creation in urban areas, citizen participation, and green infrastructure with potential for positive social impact, and in which your innovation projects can be developed.

  3. Supported social innovation projects

    Discover the diversity of ideas that have been realized through our different programs.