Les services de la MIS pour les institutions publiques / Services for Public institutions

Public institutions

You represent a public institution and you wish to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of the public system to innovate; 
  • Generate new integrated processes while fostering the buy-in of your stakeholders;
  • Consolidate and maximize the impact of collaborative links between different levels of government and territorial or sectoral communities;
  • Focus on complex, systemic issues of your own, such as inclusion, employability, housing, aging of the population, immigration or ecological transition at the regional, rural and municipal levels.

We offer: 

  1. An overview of our approach

  2. Our Social Innovators in Residence

    Embedded within your organization, our team of innovators accompanies you in setting up a social innovation unit.

  3. The Future Cities program

    A program that hosts MIS urban social R&D activities according to four pillars of experimentation: Inclusive urban governance, financial innovation in support of social impact creation in urban areas, citizen participation, and green infrastructure with potential for positive social impact.

  4. The Civic Incubator

    Subsidize a cohort of this program on a theme that concerns you in order to prototype and bring to maturity ideas for projects with social and environmental impact, while reducing potential risks before their full deployment.

  5. Supported social innovation projects

    Discover the diversity of ideas that have been realized, or that are being explored and developed, through our different programs.